Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Good morning!

on August 11, 2013


Ever since I first tasted my grandfather Papa’s scrambled eggs, I’ve been a breakfast booster. Whether you sit down to his creamy curds improved by little blobs of melted American cheese or you prefer a plate of toast, granola, yogurt, fruit… by stopping to smell the bacon, you’re already better off than most. How many people do you know (maybe, it’s you), so eager to get to the business of their day, that they skip breakfast or eat it on the go.

There’s a movement afoot to encourage a sit-down breakfast. In today’s Parade magazine’s cover story on “Building a Better School Day,” the first recommendation is “Begin the day ‘over easy’–with breakfast.” A Denver elementary school has transformed homeroom into a morning meeting over eggs and toast. If only Papa were there to perform his magic…not only scrambling the eggs, but encouraging and supporting the kids the way he did me.


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