Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Breakfast Al Fresco

on August 14, 2013

Going on a picnic was a big treat when I was a kid. My mom packed a hamper, put my three siblings and me into our Mustang, and drove from Mill Valley into San Francisco. My dad met us in Golden Gate Park on his lunch hour, the only man for miles in a suit and tie (this was the Summer of Love, clothing was optional).


I was oblivious to the hippies, but I remember the food. Grapes and cheese, a crusty baguette, and always deviled eggs.

Eager to squeeze the last juice out of this summer, I took myself this morning to Central Park, sat on my favorite bench, and dove into my “hamper,” a brown bag of baguette slices, fruit, and a deviled egg.

The dog days of August

The dog days of August

The city buzzed around me: taxis raced by, tourists and workers powered along, staring at their iPhones–all of us with somewhere to go, but no doubt dreaming of dancing, clothing optional.

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