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TGIF Treat–Fresh Peach Tart

on August 16, 2013

I always wanted to be the kind of woman who was nicknamed Peaches: hurly-burly blond curls, an hourglass figure, an infectious laugh. But, no, I’m the kind of woman people see and call “Ma’am.” But enough about me….

The peaches this summer are exceptional; best to do almost nothing to them. Puff pastry is their perfect stage.

Under construction

Under construction

I put a little goat cheese down as a base, for protein, and added a dash of nutmeg. I’ll avoid both next time: as I said, the peaches are perfect on their own! I’d have done better to have had a side bowl of yogurt and forgone the nutmeg altogether–too overpowering on just about anything.

Flaky, juicy, light...just what "Ma'am" ordered!

Flaky, juicy, light…just what “Ma’am” ordered!

Still, it was a quick, easy treat for a summer Friday. Until cocktail hour tonight, this is the best it’ll be all day.




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