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Muesli vs. Granola

on August 17, 2013

fruit, nuts, oats

Hope you don’t stay up nights worrying this question. Neither do I, but it did strike me one day that I didn’t know the difference. It’s simple enough: muesli, a Swiss concoction, is made of uncooked oats, dried fruit and nuts while granola, created from these same ingredients by health faddists like John Harvey Kellogg in the 19th century, is baked.

Granola is hot, hot, hot now, but back in the 70s, muesli was the berries. I ate bowls and bowls of it while I was a student abroad at Oxford University in England. In its Victorian-era covered market, there was an inexpensive restaurant called the Feedbag (much more charming than that sounds). I felt so European, eating muesli and gossiping with my new English friends.

Another breakfast al fresco!

Another breakfast al fresco!

Here’s James, a couple of years later, on a vacation where we rented a house in Montauk. We’re still close. Friendships built on a mutual love of muesli never die.

Still, today’s hot breakfast is granola and you’re nobody if you don’t have a recipe. Here’s mine–you may also notice this explains the name of my blog.

Butterscotch Blastoff

Combine 1 cup of old-fashioned oats with ½ a cup of chopped nuts; add a good shake of salt and cinnamon. Mix well. Boil a ¼ cup of honey and ⅛ of a cup of canola oil for 1 minute and pour over the dry mixture. Mix well until every oat and nut is covered. Spread in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with baking parchment. Bake at 325ºF  for 8 minutes; toss the oats and bake for another 8 minutes. Cool completely; the mixture will crisp up. Break into pieces. Add a handful each of butterscotch morsels and raisins. It will keep in an air-tight container for one week (well, it should, but I’ve never known it to last that long).


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