Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Baby Food Grown Up

on September 26, 2013

apple oven

Applesauce, like jam, is a treasure that no pantry should be without.  Fall is descending so gently and beautifully on NYC that I could almost be convinced the simple pleasures of apple harvesting could break out in Central Park any day. Then I remember Dorothy Parker’s line to her hostess who commented the guests were in another room “ducking for apples.” “But for one letter, that’s the story of my life,” she replied. That’s more like NYC!

Dorothy Parker--I suspect not much of a breakfast eater.

Dorothy Parker–I suspect not much of a breakfast eater.

This morning, all I’ve got in the way of applesauce is a plastic cup from my neighbor Shirley’s Meals on Wheels (no, I don’t steal food from the mouths of elderly ladies…she shares!). If I warm it up and add a sprinkling of fresh rosemary, that’ll hold me over until I can make my own tomorrow. Parker, of course, would’ve added a good shot of apple brandy. I’m tempted!

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