Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Whole Grains Month

on September 30, 2013

Last gasp of September, and the final day of Whole Grains Month. When I was a kid, whole grains were at the heart of health food, something that hippies ate.

Do you think the wheels touch the ground occasionally?

Do you think the wheels ever touched the ground?

My mother lived in terror I would be kidnapped by the 1960s version of gypsies. I would’ve loved riding in a colorful VW bus, skipping school, and dancing all day. But when it came to the food…yikes.

Everything a fan of Swanson's and Jell-o would hate!

Everything a fan of Swanson’s and Jell-o would hate!

Thank goodness, we all grow up and our palates mature… but I did have to put a slice of American cheese between the whole-grain rice cake and the scrambled egg this morning.


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