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The Night Before Breakfast

on October 7, 2013

The last thing I think before I fall asleep at night is “What will I have for breakfast?” The first think I think when I open my eyes is, “What will I have for breakfast?” Obsessive? I don’t think so. Breakfast is a simple pleasure of many parts: the thinking-up of fun new breakfast dishes; the shopping; the preparation; the eating…what harm does it do?

Need a little bucking up for a long day ahead? It doesn't take much!

Need a little bucking up for a long day ahead? It doesn’t take much!

Working stiffs have to plan ahead, stock a breakfast pantry, and get in fresh ingredients the day before or we’re stuck with the latest dollar-meal at McDonald’ or what’s on offer at the coffee cart.

sliced bagel

I learned this from my Aunt Ber–Berenice Hartke. She was an executive assistant at the Chicago Board of Trade for a small specialist firm. Well into her eighties, she got on the El from Wilmette every day to ride down to the Financial District and put in a day’s work. She and I bonded from the start. Here I am at three, no doubt, getting  some very sound advice on navigating the world as a woman.

beth and aunt ber

And here she is in 1978. I visited her around then at that apartment in Wilmette. Before we got into our p.j.’s, she laid out the breakfast table with a beautiful robin’s-egg blue teacup and saucer, the cup upside down so no dust would get in overnight (now that’s planning!).

mom and beth and aunt ber

I learned then that the good life is a state of mind.


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