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Cherries for Luck–Go, Tigers!

on October 12, 2013
Detroit needs good news.

Detroit needs good news.

As a die-hard Yankee fan, I must root against the Boston Red Sox. Lucky for me, I can root for a team that’s terrific, that has family ties, and that inspires some delicious breakfast possibilities.

Who would’ve thought the Detroit Tigers could smack the Oakland A’s down?! Justin Verlander’s going to make the Red Sox so sorry. And Jim Leyland in one helluva manager.

My brother-in-law John Ruhl, Jr.’s a Detroit fan; I’ll stand in his corner any day (well, not when the Yankees are playing, but…).

Onto the delicious breakfast possibilities! Michigan is Cherry Central (just one of so many wonderful foods Michigan is renowned for), so I’ve stocked up on frozen cherries (summer’s their season) and a delicious cherry jam. I will track down dried cherries and then I’ll be set for granola, granola bars, coffee cakes, clafouti, and more.

cherries in  a slot machine

Not being a gambler, I might have this wrong. I hope the baseball gods will forgive me and let the Tigers rip the stuffing out of the Sox.


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