Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Sunday Morning Breakfast–Cherry Clafoutis

on October 13, 2013

OK! The Detroit Tigers are one win in the ALCS and counting…let those beasts loose!

To celebrate, here’s my first cherry concoction: clafoutis.

Might have to spoon this out, rather than cut a wedge--either way, it's a cherries jubilee!

Might have to spoon this out, rather than cut a wedge–either way, it’s a cherries jubilee!

According to Julia Child, this recipe is “peasant cooking for family meals and about as simple a dessert as you can imagine.” Dessert for breakfast…well, it has fruit, doesn’t it?! I’ll have my piece, share one with my neighbor Shirley, and bring the rest to choir. Pope Francis would approve of its simplicity, I hope.

Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, MI

And here’s to the beautiful state of Michigan: My sister Leigh lived in Grand Rapids until the mountains of North Carolina called and she, her husband John and my niece and nephew, Elizabeth and Johnny, moved to Asheville. I had a lot of fun with those two adorable kids in this pretty house. As traditional as graceful Grand Rapids, it was also as cozy and welcoming as the Midwest.

I’ll share my other Michigan experience and cherry confections over the next couple of days. The Tigers and Sox have to battle it out for at least two games in Fenway and two in Comerica Park before the ALCS is over.


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