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Breakfast at Gray’s Papaya

on October 17, 2013
An Upper West Side classic!

An Upper West Side classic!

No, I did not have a hot dog for breakfast–though I was tempted. I see this “hot doggery” on West 72nd Street in Manhattan from the other side of the street almost every workday on my way to the West Side IRT to ride down to One Penn Plaza. Isn’t it funny how in New York–maybe it’s that way everywhere?–you almost never deviate from your usual route, not even by a crosswalk. It’s very rare for me to change it up. So glad I did!


According to Dr. Oz (well, the web site for his TV show, anyway), papayas are rich in antioxidants like vitamins A and C (they’re off the charts for the latter). As the weather gets colder and flu season approaches, that’s a very good thing. I’ll have to pop in occasionally for a booster.

Fun fact: this very Gray’s Papaya stand was seen in the 1998 Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan movie, “You’ve Got Mail.” If you haven’t seen this rom-com, you’re missing a real charmer. Comment if you love this movie–or not!

you've got mail


3 responses to “Breakfast at Gray’s Papaya

  1. I loved that movie too–and I now look forward to having “breakfast” with you each day! I am amazed by your ability to “write tight” and get so much into each post. I love the recipes too.

  2. I loved that movie–and I really enjoy having “breakfast” with you every day. Your ability to “write tight” always gets my day off to a great start. Thank you!

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