Kick start your day with a good breakfast

TGIF Treat–Fall Picnic

on October 25, 2013
North end of The Mall, Central Park, NYC

North end of The Mall, Central Park, NYC

I have the best commute in the world…well, maybe not as fine as someone who can walk barefoot from her kitchen to her home office in jeans and a T-shirt or the lucky so-and-so who only needs to put on a jacket and wellies to tromp along a leaf-strewn path to a nearby studio.

I walk through Manhattan’s Central Park nearly every weekday morning so I can take a straight shot on the #1 train to my office in Herald Square. Right now, I look forward to watching this glorious tree glow brighter and brighter every day.


I’m always excited to see where the next shot of bright red will come from in various bushes along the path to Strawberry Fields.


Of course, I’m usually racing to get to the office on time, but this week I could feel that very first hint of colder, wetter weather to come and planned a picnic while I can still eat outside without my gloves on.


Looks like I’m running away from home, doesn’t it?  Peanut-butter and honey sandwiches and a carton of milk like I used to pay 5 cents for in my second-grade classroom make me feel like a little kid again. Actually, I’d love to play in the park and run away from work!


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