Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Baked Beans for Breakfast

on October 31, 2013

I’m choking down B&M baked beans on toast, but I figured I had to recognize the BoSox for their World Series win, being related to a family who’s worshipped the team for generations.

Main Street in Wenham, MA c. 1969

Main Street in Wenham, MA c. 1969

Here are my three siblings and I with the Browns, my mother’s sister’s family…well, a few of them anyway. Nancy and Dick Brown raised seven kids in Wenham, Massachusetts. Dick’s mother, whom we all called Nana, rooted for the Red Sox through the thin years. Even toward the end, darn near deaf and blind, she never missed a game on TV. If she could only be here to see this! She’d say, “Go straight into the bathroom and shave!”

bosox with beards

I love my aunt and my cousins, miss Uncle Dick, and wish we could get together more often. I’m sure they’re beside themselves for the BoSox. All right, this Yankee fan has to say, “Well done!”


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