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TGIF Treat–Pumpkin Croissant

on November 1, 2013

This is really the beginning of a tale of two bakeries. On West 72nd Street, I walk by Rigoletto, a pizza and bakery, which has just recently started offering breakfast. Their display of artisan breads in the front window is inviting. The dark room behind the window, always empty in the morning (though I suspect it is a madhouse after school), is not.


141 West 72nd Street, NYC

A few doors down the street, Aroma Espresso Bar, a chain coffee house open between 7 a.m. and 11p.m., is brightly lit and always busy. It’s got a European feel that exudes energy.

161 West 72nd Street, NYC

161 West 72nd Street, NYC

This morning, I stopped in to Rigoletto for a pastry and came out with not only a large pumpkin croissant dotted generously with dried pumpkin seeds, but a spinach-ricotta empanada for lunch. The woman at the counter was friendly and the croissant was fresh and subtly flavored. I’ll report on the empanada this afternoon, but I’m already thinking of its charms. Total bill: $5.75.

How would I improve the breakfast business at Rigoletto? First, I’d offer free food for a limited time (up to a certain amount) to locals to get some bodies in there before 9 a.m. I’d turn up the lights before then, too. And I’d offer a special on a breakfast treat and empanada…two meals for one low price.

Next week…what pheromone does Aroma secrete that draws people to it?



One response to “TGIF Treat–Pumpkin Croissant

  1. The spinach-ricotta empanada was…blah. What would keep someone from putting a dash of nutmeg in the filling? I don’t even know that I’d go back there to try the beef patty. I would love to think it’s got a picadillo filling with its sweet-savory combination of beef, tomatoes, raisins, and olives, but judging from the spinach variety, they might be too afraid to blast the palates even that much of their UWS customers!

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