Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Breakfast Frustration!

on November 11, 2013

More on love…and frustration. I love France: French cooking, music, art, Paris, the provinces, and champagne.

Loire Valley 2001

Loire Valley 2001

But the French…? Only they would make preparing breakfast tough enough to ruin the whole morning. Yes, I’m talking about crêpes.

Mon Dieu! It’s simply impossible to get these out of the pan in one piece. I know you usually ruin the first couple, but then you’re supposed to get on a roll and turn out one perfectly browned, feather-light pancake after another. Non!


I made the best of it. I managed to enclose applesauce in two holey, wrinkly crêpes that would make Julia Child weep with laughter. Glad she’d have enjoyed herself. I’m still hungry. Merde! I’m gonna have a bagel.

But I don’t want this to leave a bad taste in my mouth for such a beautiful country where mornings are so quiet the only thing you hear are the ouvriers repairing the cobblestones with gentle taps of a hammer. Cannot wait to go back!

Loire Valley 2001 beth

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