Kick start your day with a good breakfast

No Breakfast?!

on November 13, 2013

Dentist and doctor appointments this morning, so no breakfast for me.

charlie brownAs you’ve probably noticed, I’m a little obsessed with breakfast. It all started with Papa and his scrambled eggs–I’ve never had better.

Chicago, 1957

Chicago, 1957

I can actually recall specific breakfasts in my life: for instance, the baguette and jam I had when I visited Paris as an impoverished exchange student. I didn’t have enough money to eat out, not even at this rattletrap snack shack.

Paris, c. 1976

Paris, c. 1976

Then, there was the first time I had “back bacon” in Ireland with my college roommates Ruth Ann Finn and Marcia McKechnie. It still had bristles–we were horrified! We were probably still shaking as we tromped around Yeats’ Thoor Ballylea.

Ireland, c. 1978

Ireland, c. 1978

I loved being the first one down every morning in Dorset, Vermont, when I worked for a summer theatre. In a classic farmhouse kitchen, the rest of the staff would wander in, blinded by hangovers, begging for coffee.

Dorset, VT 1986

Dorset, VT 1986

Summer mornings have never been more blissful than on a spectacular deck in a rental house we enjoyed in Harvey Cedars, NJ.

Jersey shore, 1989

Jersey shore, 1989

Breakfast has so many positive associations for me…if only the rest of life were this simple!

What do I do when I can’t eat breakfast? I think about lunch!



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