Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Breakfast in Princeton

on November 23, 2013

PJ’s Pancake House in Princeton is not just for breakfast anymore. Had a delicious panini mid-afternoon in this classic diner.

154 Nassau Street

154 Nassau Street

Chuck, his lifelong friend Tom, and I walked all over the Princeton University campus and up to the graduate college which I’d never seen. For this woman who spent a formative year at Oxford University, it was neo-Gothic heaven. The two quads at the graduate college are as close to those at Oxford’s as I’ve seen here. Gorgeous even in almost-winter. We couldn’t get into Proctor Hall which is a shame, but that’ll be something to look forward to. Tom took us into the Dean’s garden, a formal space next to the graduate dean’s residence. At the center where two paths cross is a sundial; against the brick wall is a beautiful stone fountain…just magical! The trees were still brilliantly colored and it was stone-cold silent.

For Chuck, who grew up here, it was a surprise, a first! He’d biked all over that campus, played with his nephews on all its green spaces, breakfast many times at PJ’s with Grandma Hoffman, but he’d never seen that garden. And he’s grown up to have an amazing green thumb. Life is funny that way.

chuck with brad and christopher



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