Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Leftover Breakfast (Again!)–Turkey Hash

on December 2, 2013

In last Wednesday’s New York Times Dining section, Wylie Dufresne contributed his turkey hash recipe which, with its splash of sherry, may not be the wisest choice for Monday morning, but I said to myself, “It’s the holiday shopping season and the bosses will be extra-anxious, so I need a good breakfast under my belt.” I soon thought better of that (recalling my earliest days in publishing when the elevator on Monday mornings smelled like a distillery–not from me at 23 years old, mind you!) and used chicken broth to de-glaze instead.


He calls for diced boiled potato, but our boiled potatoes were victim to the Great Thanksgiving Pyrex Explosion, so last night I popped the one leftover russet into the 400° oven I used to make turkey Tetrazzini for an hour which worked just fine, too. Red pepper added color which would normally come from the two sunny-side up eggs, but I figured I could save a few calories by omitting them. Still very substantial!

This morning’s news about the Metro-North Hudson Line derailment is so sad. The NY Times profiled two of the four people who died: hard-working, caring people who will be dearly missed by their families and communities. RIP.


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