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Breakfast From an Early Christmas Present

on December 8, 2013

french k cookbook

I got an early Christmas present this year from my friend Michele at William Morrow, the publisher of this enticing new French Kitchen Cookbook, which I acquired for The Good Cook book club some months ago. This photo of Walter’s Morning Egg doesn’t do this book’s bright, refreshing design justice, but you get the idea of full-bleed food photos and straightforward, thoroughly-tested-the-the-home-cook recipes throughout.


There are also, for Julia Child’s adoring masses, lots of stories of Wells’ long, close friendship with the iconic “French” cook. Fab present for a French foodie in your life.

If the truth be told, this recipe for making an egg in the microwave doesn’t require a recipe from one of America’s most accomplished cooking teachers. My sister-in-law Sue used to do her daughter Claire’s egg exactly like this. And look how Claire turned out! Here she is, having her portrait sketched by family friend and professional artist Lucy Phillips.

at lucy's studioP.S. How did our tree decorating turn out? Just look!






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