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Gifts to My Kitchen

on December 23, 2013
smoked salmon and gingerbread--not perfect together, but lovely on their own!

smoked salmon and gingerbread–not perfect together, but lovely on their own!

‘Tis the season to gather goodies! At left, Cambridge House(R) Atlantic smoked salmon (thanks to a friend of my dad, Ed Arnold, whose taste in Christmas gifts is impeccable!). At right, handmade gingerbread animals. Sue Tamoney rolls sheets of gingerbread dough as thin as paper and cuts out 1,000 animals, using a toothpick to put on two drops of icing for eyes. Deliciously spicy! You’ve eaten about 35 before you know it which is why 1,000 is barely enough to satisfy Sue’s fans.

I don’t have a photo of the Leckerlee lebkuchen I got from a friend in publishing because I re-gifted it to my father-in-law, as German as J.S. Bach (but not nearly so talented!).

I’ve got to make this short; thinking of J.S. Bach, here’s the opening of this glorious Christmas Oratorio to help you, too, power through those last chores before we celebrate!

german xmas market




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