Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Cook for Yourself

on December 30, 2013

There’s a new restaurant in our neighborhood, The Trend Diner, which looks worth trying, though it’s certainly not inexpensive. I wish them the best; the odds of surviving the first year are not as bad as rumor has it, according to RestaurantOwner.com, but they’re pretty steep.

But what diner can top this?


The best Atlantic salmon, cured to perfection, cooked in a fresh scrambled egg, served straight from the skillet on a toasted whole wheat bagel, seasoned to taste.

And I get to eat it while listening to the music of my choice, in my stocking feet, while I chat with Gracie, probably the most fun conversation I’ll have all day. DSC00018Of course, we’ll all be talking about what we did over Christmas vacation. I can say I saw “Inside Llewyn Davis,” but I can’t say I loved it. Llewyn, depressed for good reasons, is also mean and demanding. I think of Johnny Depp’s character in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” Depressed, hell yes, but also loving and thoughtful. Well, that’d never be a Coen brothers movie. I love “O Brother Where Are Thou?” which is so original and the music is gorgeous. This music is good, but not as rich. The supporting cast is, as usual with the Coens, just beyond perfect. Mike’s parents?! They added the kindness and compassion the younger characters hadn’t learned yet.

Llewyn did make a mean plate of scrambled eggs, though!



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