Kick start your day with a good breakfast

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

on January 4, 2014

As I get older, I appreciate the healthy food gifts from friends and family the most. They don’t clutter up the closets forever (since I can never remember from whom I’ve received things, I’m terrified of re-gifting to the one who gave something to me in the first place!), I don’t have to return them to get the right size, and they don’t make me feel like a Scrooge for thinking as I open them, “Gosh…thanks.”

Nancy’s pears are a delicious “flash in the pan,” or in the case of this morning, “whirl in the blender.” The last pear and a half were languishing in the fridge, getting mealy brown spots that, when presented raw, turn me into a fussy, jaw-clenching three-year-old.

mary jane

“Smoothie,” I thought. A cup of apple juice, a cup and a quarter of peeled, chopped fresh pear, two heaping tablespoons of vanilla yogurt, and a good shake of cinnamon and I have two servings. A delicious antidote to holiday excess.

While I’m on the subject of pears, I have to recommend “Saving Mr. Banks.” I want it to win Best Picture. Every actor, every location, every line of dialogue is aligned to deliver the most moving experience I’ve had in the movies in ages! Paul Giamatti is such a humble actor: he’s not too big for a small part that, by virtue of his total commitment and talent, becomes one of the highlights of the whole film. Emma Thompson is perhaps too nice, even while she’s bullying everyone around here, to really portray P.L. Travers at her worst, but she keeps unveiling more and more of the story by gesture and the way a little bit of Australian slips into her prim British accent. Tom Hanks is magnificent; there’s no other way to describe it.


saving mr. banks

And the whole Goff family from the past–Colin Farrell, Rachel Griffiths, Ruth Wilson (a beautiful, haunting actress unfamiliar to me who plays Ginty’s mother), and Ginty herself–had me weeping through the whole two hours.

saving mr. banks 2


And what do pears have to do with it? I won’t spoil the movie for you, but they play a recurring role as central to this story as P.L. Travers, Walt Disney, the Sherman Brothers, and Don DaGradi. Do not miss this!



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