Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Meet Sally, Baking Addict

on January 13, 2014

You may know Sally McKenney already from her sweet-in-every-sense-of-the-word blog, Sally’s Baking Addiction. I’m just meeting her now through her recipe for Brown Sugar Glazed Apple Cake. As new friendships go, this one’s off to a fabulous start.

I’ve acquired book club rights for The Good Cook to the cookbook compiled from Sally’s addiction, being published by a wonderful editor whose career leaps and bounds I’ve watched since she took her first steps with us at the book clubs. Go, Jeannine!

Coming March 1 from Race Point Press

Coming March 1 from Race Point Press

I can’t give you Sally’s recipe yet, that wouldn’t be fair, but I can say this quick bread was easy to make from simple ingredients, just as Sally promises.  And as you all know, I appreciate any chance to get out the faithful Sunbeam mixer.


This has Granny Smith apples (a wonderful burst of tartness amid the sweet) and yogurt (makes the cake so moist), so a breakfast bread it certainly can be. As quick and easy breakfasts go, this one’s a hit: one knife, one slice, one plate, one napkin for the glaze-sticky fingers (OK, I’ll admit it, I didn’t use a napkin, just licked my fingers clean). 

I know what you’re thinking: “And what was all that about nutritious, immunity boosting breakfasts?”

Remember, my motto is “Everything in moderation.”

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