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Eggs and Bacon–Book Reviews

on January 17, 2014

Oh, the coincidence! On my desk are two books: one which I’ll be selling at The Good Cook:

Chronicle Books, on sale March 25, 2014

Chronicle Books, on sale March 25, 2014

and one which was given to me by a smart, accomplished, passionate editor yesterday at lunch.

Countryman Press, on sale now

Countryman Press, on sale now

I’ve resisted offering Bacon 24/7 to the members because of that jacket–I just hate it. And the photos inside are almost all just as dark and dreary and unappetizing. The photographer, EJ Armstrong, is award winning, but the food is styled by the author, Theresa Gilliam, in unappealing serving dishes with grotty utensils.  I’ll take this home and give a recipe or two a try (without going the whole hog and curing my own slab). Breakfast Hand Pies sound delicious, though I am forgoing the clarified bacon fat in the tender and flaky pie crust for Crisco.

Eggs on Top, with its sunny yellow yolks and brilliant whites against greens, grains, breads, tomatoes, and more, is much more mouthwatering. It’s also much less daunting: the techniques for poaching, coddling, simmering, and scrambling does not require handling raw pork belly. I am a huge fan of the Worcestershire-flavored cheese sauce, so the Welsh Rarebit with Hide-and-Seek Eggs and Burnt Broccoli is on the menu for this weekend.



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