Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Around the World on a Loaf of Bread

on January 20, 2014


I’m enjoying the whole experience of baking and eating this loaf of bread so much, I’m devoting a week to some of its delicious possibilities.

Day One: Smørrebrød

Trina Hahnemann is a Danish chef whom I met in NYC while she was here proposing her cookbook The Nordic Diet which suggests this is as life-preserving as the Mediterranean Diet with its fish oils, whole grains, and dependence on local ingredients. The book came out with gorgeous photos and lovely recipes, but wasn’t able to banish that other diet to the sidelines. On her blog above, Trina insists open-faced sandwiches are always made on rye bread. I used her recipe for salmon and horseradish cream from the site with two exceptions (I also didn’t grate my own horseradish). I think she’d agree with me that cooking is personal, experimental, practical and nothing is ever written in stone.

DSC01989Hmmm…this is wild caught Atlantic salmon, but not cured like gravlax which would’ve given this a lovely salty tang. Even so, the horseradish cream was tasty and this couldn’t have been easier.




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