Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Simple Bites–Simply Adorable!

on January 30, 2014

While I was Googling to confirm that beets are still seasonal in February, I found SimpleBites.net. I love it! Clean and concise, filled with information on urban homesteading and cooking fresh, it’ll be a regular resource from now on. When I looked through the list of recommended reading, I saw Ruth Reichl, Pam Anderson, Joy the Baker… we are def on the same wavelength (I’m also reading a contemporary re-telling of Pride & Prejudice which is like a crash course in 21st century slang–totes adorb!). Simple Bites has also convinced me to re-up on Twitter. No doubt will regret this in near future, but I better give it a whirl if I wish to be employed in a world that’s stampeding away from old media. And what does this have to do with breakfast?
I’ll be trying Simple Bites’ Chai-spiced Granola With Dried Apples and Almonds as soon as humanly possible.

chai spiced granola



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