Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Let the Sun Shine–Please!

on February 3, 2014

God. Six more weeks of winter. That damn groundhog is a wuss!

To ameliorate the situation, I’ll dedicate this week to citrus.


Today’s breakfast is a piece of Lemon Tea Bread, the rest of which I’ll bring to work to brighten the mood of our first day without my oldest and best loved colleague, Sharon.

We can thank Christopher Columbus for introducing the lemon to the Caribbean. It made its way from Asia to Jerusalem to Ancient Rome to Genoa.

Today, I can’t open a cookbook–Mediterranean, North African, or any book on reviving the “lost skills” of preserving, etc.–without finding a recipe for preserved lemons and lemon curd. I’m eyeing a wealth of tempting recipes for lemon, pasta, and shrimp. Chuck loves his lemons “zesty,” in limoncello.

I’m sure everyone knows that lemons are a terrific source of vitamin C which works to neutralize free radicals and work against infections like colds. A glass of warm lemon water in the morning is recommended to get your bowels working. Honey and lemon, with or without hot tea, will soothe an irritated throat.

Six more weeks of winter? Makes the days of BBQ and lemonade all the sweeter.

lemonade stand


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