Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Birthday Breakfast

on February 11, 2014

Today is my father’s 84th birthday. The man who taught me to love books and the music of Tin Pan Alley and Broadway musicals and Golden-Age movies and art and New York City is a man who deserves a breakfast of exquisite ingredients served in a beautiful setting. Well, that’s today’s lunch…he’s taking me and a young friend to La Grenouille.

To the man whose widow’s peak I got if not his fashion sense:

mom, dad, beth chicago 1956To the guy who loves a good NY tavern like Donahue’s as much as swankier restaurants like “21” and the aforementioned La Grenouille:


I wish I could give you a perfect soft-boiled egg smothered in caviar…

soft boiled egg with caviar

on the terrace of a Venetian palazzo.

venetian terrace

Oh, poor us…we’ll have to settle for a banquette amid Charles Masson’s flowers and his father’s lovely paintings. We’ll take it!






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