Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Black, Black, Black

on February 15, 2014

After another “black” Friday of lay-offs (not mine, yet disturbing) and a winter that won’t quit (more snow forecast for this weekend), I am in a bleak mood. What better medicine than buttered pumpernickel toast with black cherry jam, and strong black tea?

DSC02010The pleasantly sour tang of the bread and the not-too-sweet fruitiness of the jam are a combination that could lift even Eeyore’s spirits. The black tea is a gift from my brother Charles, brought all the way from England, which brings back such fond memories of my using the drink as the antidote to any and all of life’s setbacks when I was just 21 (and totally unaware of what a real setback was).

But it’s not all clouds and despair. I came home last night to my handsome husband and this Valentine’s Day gift: love in bloom!



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