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What Can You Do With a Crumpet–Encore!

on February 23, 2014

This morning’s English muffin creation is called “Coop and Corral.”


Perhaps it should be “Coop et Corral, since there’s a little French influence in here. Friday night, I ate with my family at Le Veau d’Or, bringing home a good bit of my steak au poivre. So this luscious bit of steak added a whole second layer of flavor to whole grain muffins, egg, and butter.

The New York Times Book Review this morning was a good reminder that farming is not all locavorism, hay rides, and baby animals frolicking in green fields. They reviewed four memoirs of people who’d been forced to sell the family farm or retreated to the woods to start over or were stuck in the middle of nowhere with an increasingly angry spouse. Their subtitles include words like “ragged” and “lament.” Far truer than the Technicolor photos in today’s lifestyle magazines.

Upstate NY, dead of winter; looks lonely, doesn't it?

Upstate NY, dead of winter; looks lonely, doesn’t it?



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