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Tiny Pie

on April 9, 2014

There is an adorable children’s book written by Mark Bailey and Michael Oatman, illustrated by Edward Hemingway called Tiny Pie. 

tiny pie

That little elephant discovers a tiny TV studio inside the walls of her house in which that mouse is hosting a cooking show. Alice Waters provided an apple pie recipe for the book. It’s for anyone with a pie fixation, from six to sixty.

While this is not Alice Waters’ recipe, I made a tiny apple pie in my muffin tie of which I am inordinately proud!


Pastry from Ms. American Pie and apple filling from Mom’s Big Book of Baking. Looks luscious, no? In all humility, it was.


I’m seeing peaches, cherries, blueberries, and more inside that crust–a whole summer’s worth of goodness.


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