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on April 28, 2014

OK, about reading ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE? I lied. I recognize Marquez’ status in world literature and I will continue to admire from afar, without an intimate knowledge of his masterwork. Someday….

In the meantime, I finally read R.J. Palacio’s Wonder which has been on the New York Times children’s bestseller list for quite some time.


Just beautiful. Auggie Pullman’s a character that will stand the test of time. And the book’s message of kindness–in a world where a girl was just stabbed to death as her classmates went, unsuspecting, to their first class–couldn’t be more meaningful. I welcome a sequel to Wonder: Auggie as a teenager, a college student, a father himself. 


2 responses to “Wonder

  1. You are so right, Beth! I couldn’t put Wonder down. So beautifully written, and so important to read (especially now). Thanks for another great post. By the way, try Marquez. You won’t be sorry. My suggestion: Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Great read! Enjoy.

  2. Senor Marquez is on the “to read” pile, absolutely. Thanks, Maria!

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