Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Don’t Blame the Eggs!

on May 5, 2014


In honor of this Wall Street Journal article on the incorrect science that drove us away from eggs and animal fats to carbs, I made a frittata with hot sausage, onion, zucchini, and a sprinkling of grated Pecorino Romano cheese. Delicious!

“Too much whole-grain oatmeal for breakfast and whole-grain pasta for dinner, with fruit snacks in between, add up to a less healthy diet than one of eggs and bacon, followed by fish. The reality is that fat doesn’t make you fat or diabetic. Scientific investigations going back to the 1950s suggest that actually, carbs do.”

Too much of anything is a mistake. Enjoy a whole variety of foods, in moderate portions, and all should be well.



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