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The Morning After

on August 31, 2014

The regret…the sadness…the compulsion to do it again…I’m feeling all of this about…last night’s Horace Greeley High School reunion!

greeley framed

I’m so sorry and disappointed I won’t see these old classmates again today for more laughs and memories and news and photo-sharing. Has any class ever had a 41st year reunion? (I’d better watch what I say or I’ll be roped into organizing it!)

I haven’t seen most of my fellow students since our tenth reunion. My, how we’ve matured. Some of us are retiring (in the sense of leaving full-time work; we were never a shy group!), some of us are grandparents, some of us are struggling with the death of not just parents but siblings. I’d say all of the people I talked to last night, despite shaky moments in careers or big transitions or recovery from addiction or loss, feel confident that everything will turn out for the best. I certainly do, after last night!

chappaqua summer

The gifts Greeley’s teachers and staff and our parents gave us back then are still paying out today: a foundation of love and encouragement, a safe place to experiment and learn, discipline, drive, and confidence.  I’m so grateful.


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