Kick start your day with a good breakfast

And blueberries make good pancakes

The last of Shirley’s blueberries went into pancakes this morning (I’m on a pancake jag, for some reason*). Celebrating the start of a fall day that promises to be absolutely priceless, weather-wise. How lucky can you get?



* Just found out via Foodimentary, 9/23 was National Pancake Day. The universe was shouting and I must’ve heard!


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Birthday Greetings



My beloved tri-color Pembroke Welsh corgi is twelve today, as slim and cheerful and curious as a puppy. Of course, she shares my breakfast every day, but this banana-cinnamon pancake was made in her honor.


Many happy returns, Miss Grace! xx00





Blueberries Make Good Neighbors

fresh blueberries

With apologies to Robert Frost, snappy fresh blueberries make for wonderful relations with one’s neighbors…namely Shirley, our friend across the hall whose generosity and good humor we appreciate so much. I enjoyed these homegrown berries from Townsend Farms in Fairview, OR this morning with steel-cut oatmeal and brown sugar.

Shirley can’t get out much anymore, but she’s always got a few crackers for Gracie, fresh fruit and ginger snaps for me, a 2015 World Wildlife Foundation calendar for us…useful things that make us treasure her friendship. And in NYC, that’s a precious thing!







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O.J. doesn’t always mean orange juice

This morning, it meant Oatmeal. Jam.

Who says you can’t eat PB&J if you’re not eating bread? I mixed in a tablespoon of each into old-fashioned rolled oats made with milk. Next time, I’ll err on the side of the preserves. The peanut butter was a little overpowering this morning.

And wouldn’t this cup put a smile on anybody’s face? (If you look closely, you’ll see a hound hungry for a handout smiling beguilingly from below.)


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Ready for October Unprocessed!

C Street, Seaside Park, NJ

C Street, Seaside Park, NJ

Just came home from another wonderful week on the Jersey Shore: swims in the clear, warm ocean, pints of beer at Bum Rogers Crabhouse, plates of scrapple at Betty & Nick’s, ears and ears of fresh corn and slice upon slice of juicy, sweet tomatoes from local farms.

I’m at a serious transition moment at my day job. How I wish I could make a life that included scenery like this every day.

The beach at Brighton Avenue

The beach at Brighton Avenue

With the chance to stop and watch the little fish.


In the past week, with time to think and read, I’ve had 10 solid ideas for potential cookbooks: now I start the research to write the proposals. If anything, it brings me in contact with other creative people who love food and eating well. There’s Andrew Wilder, for example, whose blog EatingRules.com encourages us to join his crusade “October Unprocessed.”

I’m excited to try it. Why don’t you?


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