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Best Friends and Bloody Marys

on October 18, 2014

It’s the eagerly anticipated reunion weekend for the St. Bart’s Players of the 1980s, a stellar group of performers whose common bond is long rehearsals, hours of singing, dancing, and acting up a storm under the hot lights, and many more hours of cast parties, tech shows, and gossip.

Scan_20141018 (2)

In my tenure, all of this mayhem was orchestrated by Tom Briggs who can’t come up from North Carolina this weekend. His talents are too many to count: actor/dancer/singer; director; administrator; juggler. Oh, just to hear his wry digs. Tommy, you’ll have to come up soon and we’ll “take it from the edge.”

Stacy Einhorn, Katherine Wolf, Kim Selby, Ellen Gould in "The Boyfriend"

Stacy Einhorn, Katherine Wolf, Kim Selby, Ellen Gould in “The Boyfriend”

Classic American musicals were our strength: “Gypsy,” “Fiorello!” “Working,” and so many more. In the case of “L’il Abner,” however, the only thing strong was the smell of what came out of frightened animals carried onto an unfamiliar stage!


We never saw the poor woman who played Moonbeam McSwine at St. Bart’s ever again.

Somehow, skinny, awkward me got the role of Appasionata Von Climax in “L’il Abner.” I made it work.


“Never act with animals or children” was advice we should’ve taken!

Having done Leonard Bernstein/Betty Comden/Adolph Green’s brilliant musical “On the Town,” we’re off to see the new Broadway revival this afternoon. And now for the Bloody Mary part: Sardi’s before the show. I can taste it already.


While I’m in the midst of this creative, funny, energizing, beloved group of friends, I’ll be remembering another St. Bart’s Player, Bob Smith. It’s been a very long time since I saw him last, but I’ll never forget his smile, his kindness, his dancing, or his quiet strength. Here’s to you, Bob. xx00 Scan_20141018 (3)


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