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Life in Carl Larsson Land

larsson breakfast table

If the Scandinavians can build Legoland, why don’t they create Carl Larssonland? I’d be there in an instant! Isn’t his world absolutely gorgeous?

another carl larsson room

What brought this on, you might ask? It’s another in a long slog of gray, freezing, snowy mornings. I’m trying to warm it up with Finnish Rye Scones for breakfast and I couldn’t help but dream of his uniquely cheerful interiors. If anyone knew how to make the winter warmer, it was Larsson.

I’m recipe-testing for Luane Kohnke again. She’s the author of Sassy Cookies and an absolutely terrific recipe developer. I had to buy rye flour for my first recipe (some heavenly pecan-rye sablés) and I wondered if it would make a nice scone. I found this recipe from Finnish Food Girl. Healthy, hearty, and highly recommended!

Hard to tear myself away from my own warm kitchen and my corgi Grace, but the prospect of another scone for lunch with homemade mushroom-barley soup makes the commute seem less daunting. DSC01823



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