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Beth-ism for Today

“Be the sunshine, not the cloud.”

On my 45-minute walk down Park Avenue to work this morning, this came to me as I contemplated a family issue that is causing a lot of angst. When there’s conflict, I want to bring in the light and the warmth. It’s also about focus: shine on the positive; let the negative live in the shadows. It may not go away, but it will be starved of the attention it seeks to grow and fester.

That made me feel a bit better and then I started to notice all the things around me that evoke the sun’s power:

yellow pansy

Yellow pansies in the flower pots along the sidewalk

yellow traffic light

The traffic light

lion king poster

Even “The Lion King” ad on the side of the bus.

If you open up to the world around you (look up from the phone, people!), the world is full of positive feedback.

Just after I posted this, I stopped by a shelf of giveaway books in my office. Marianne Williamson’s A YEAR OF MIRACLES caught my eye. I picked it up, let it fall open and…wow! This is amazing!

“There can be no darkness where I provide the light. Light is to darkness what love is to fear; in the presence of one, the other disappears. All the darkness in my life–the fears, neuroses, dysfunction,s and diseases–are not so much things as the absence of things. They represent not the presence of a problem but rather the absence of the answer. And the answer is love. All fearful manifestations disappear in the presence of love.”

Who knew I could think like Marianne Williamson?! Well…she’s got a lifetime of thought and inspiration on me. My first tentative steps into this new world of miracles are slow, but the sights I’m seeing are well worth taking the time to savor.

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