Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Padoca Bakery

Who doesn’t love to discover a fab new bakery? On First Ave. at 68th St., we’ve now got Padoca, a Brazilian spot opened recently by two women (kudos to their courage). The coffee was delicious, the banana muffin yummy, the window onto the street sparkling clean, the music soft and soulful…but my favorite thing?


Think they’ll share the recipe for that?

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A Tale of Two Cities

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” begins Charles Dickens’ novel of a fateful trip from London to Revolutionary Paris, A Tale of Two Cities–as any high school English student used to be able to tell you. And almost 250 years later, we’ve got another battle raging!


“Vive le croissant!”

Tesco, Britain’s biggest supermarket chain, will be making their croissants straight, not curved, because, as its croissant buyer says, ““With the crescent-shaped croissants, it’s more fiddly, and most people can take up to three attempts to achieve perfect coverage, which increases the potential for accidents involving sticky fingers and tables.” Thank God, someone has addressed the conflict of the age, Everyman’s stress at breakfast time–Brexit, be damned!

What next? I think the French should propose vegan Yorkshire pudding or hedgehog in mustard sauce (kidding! I’m with the Brits on the preciousness and protection of the hedgehog).


“I like my croissants with beetle-snail butter and jellied worms.”

There should be no fiddling with tradition, as far as I’m concerned. Would the Brits want a digital face on Big Ben?! It’d be so much easier and faster to read!



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Make America Whole Again

Enough with Donald Trump’s boastful, selfish slogan, “Make America great again.” We need to make America whole again, from our broken infrastructure to our weak schools to our immigration policy to our approach to health and wellness. In every aspect of our American lives, we see brokenness: the water in Flint is threatening the long-term health of children; military families are separated and live in fear of mental and physical disaster; there are not enough decent jobs for willing workers of all ages…. What does this have to do with breakfast? Each of us can make the choice to start the day with whole foods, healthy ingredients that stave off diabetes, fill us with energy, don’t stuff our landfills with crap packaging. Whole for our soul!


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Love in the Morning

Leftover butterscotch muffins from Valentine’s Day were just the thing for a drizzly, dark Tuesday after a three-day weekend.


Don’t ever forget to love yourself as much as you do your funniest, favorite, best Valentine!

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Pee-Wee Rules

Just a little something I read in an interview with Paul Reubens in today’s NYT’s Sunday magazine: “Those are the times of the day when there aren’t rules,” Reubens said of morning and night…. “Rules are for the other times.” Just remember, nobody sees you in the kitchen in your ‘jamas making breakfast. Live like nobody’s watching.

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Dynamic duo

A link of lean turkey sausage, crumbled,  plus half an apple, sliced, when sauted  in a small fry pan, equal sweet and savory satisfaction. No need for oil or butter, the moisture in the apple will keep it from getting too dry.


A piece of whole wheat toast with apple jelly doesn't hurt.&#039 a

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What will you be eating this weekend?

Just poking around on the Internet looking for health food trends and I found a column at the Washington Post by Ellie Krieger, a nutritionist and the host on Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite.”

ellie k

Can’t resist her Apple Cranberry Brown Betty. Is is Saturday yet?!


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TGIF…thank God, it’s feta

Gray…wet…slushy. Yup, no reason to celebrate this February Friday, unless

you have fresh Greek feta in your fridge. Go from this.


Lexington Avenue @ 52nd Street, NYC

to this…

greek table

Lerapetra, Crete

in 60 seconds!

Fry an egg in olive oil and slide onto a piece of toast. Cover with crumbled feta, sliced black olives and a generous shake of oregano. καλή όρεξη!

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There’s coffee…and then there’s…

that cup of perfection you once had and can still remember in minute detail. The best cup of coffee I ever tasted was in Baton Rouge, LA. Community coffee  is a local institution and their coffee and chicory is the smoothest, sweetest shot of caffeine any soul could ever pray for. The second best is much stronger and sharper and you have to travel some to get it, but it’s worth the trip! Tazza D’Oro Coffee Shop in Rome.

And now, back to the swill our office coffee urn spews out. Because when it’s 3pm and the boring bits on your to-do are staring you in the face, at least there’s coffee.


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I’m Old-fashioned

[cue classic pop American standard by the great Jerome Kern and Johnny Mercer here]

Jean Anderson’s delicious, warm, and nostalgic Applesauce Cake is not the only throwback here. Reading a paper copy of the Times?! Drinking a glass of milk?!! Sitting down to eat rather than grabbing and going?!!! For the calm and the pleasure of a quiet breakfast on my own, I’ll endure any insults you throw at me.

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