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Feels like strawberry season

on March 7, 2016


It’s so spring-like today, I got to thinking of things English (having enjoyed the last episode of “Downton Abbey” last night so much certainly had something to do with that, too). What’s more British than strawberry jam? (Orange marmalade you say? That’s Scottish.) Martha Stewart has an easy recipe that requires just 3 ingredients: a pint of fruit, a half-cup of sugar, and 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.

A NYC apartment kitchen has no counter space for gadgets, so it’s all handwork which I love: hulling, rough-chopping and mashing did the prep work of a food processor.


Boil for ten minutes until it thickens…


let it cool and pour into two half-pint jars. Refrigerate and tomorrow morning, I should have a preserve Mrs. Patmore would be proud of!


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