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Made It Myself Day 14

on April 20, 2016

If I make something and nobody admires it, is it really worthwhile? Of course, I can do something for myself and find fulfillment in that, but the real joy for me is seeing how my creation makes someone else’s day.

When my husband cleans not just his plate, but practically the whole 9×13 pan of homemade pasta al forno, a niggling voice in my mind says, “Oh. I shouldn’t let him eat all that.” The devil on the other shoulder is saying, “But he likes it!”

When my dad, for whom I made the chicken noodle soup, said he enjoyed it, but actively discouraged me from making him more, my brain recognized that there’s no accounting for taste, but my gut said, “Ow, not cool.”

The need for acknowledgment isn’t a problem until it subsumes the joy of making something. I haven’t got there yet, thank goodness–I know that soup was healthy, hearty, and delicious. But I do admit that if you flatter me, I’ll gladly make you more.


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