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Morning Meditation

on April 26, 2016

Hand sewing has to be one of the most positive activities ever invented: a simple action that eases into a steady rhythm, a tactile pleasure, and ultimately a blessing because you actually
mend something that’s “broken.”


I always think of my mom and her mother, two talented seamstresses who embodied the values of thrift, creativity, and generosity. I miss my mom a lot. Everything from threading the needle to knotting the thread to the satisfaction of sewing a neat seam brings her back to me.


2 responses to “Morning Meditation

  1. Awww this was so sweet, Beth. It reminds me of a poem by W.S. Merwin called “Separation.” “Your absence goes through me/Like thread through a needle./Everything I do is stitched with its color.” Keep creating! Your mom is still proud.

    • What a great poem, thank you! I am so lucky to have a big, handsome crewel portrait of the Mayflower my grandmother did. I never knew her; she died when my mom was about 15. I don’t think Mom was ever the same after that.

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