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Give Yourself a Hand…

on May 6, 2016


A handmade show of support, that is! Why should you always give someone else the love?

One of the greatest inspirational authors of our age, Louise Hay, had healed her life and millions of others’ with the simple idea, “That which we constantly affirm becomes true for us.” Inspire yourself…congratulate yourself…love yourself and watch what happens.

I’m at 30 days in my promise of “30 days…30 handmade projects.” I have to admit, of course, certain days were less productive than others, but I cooked, sewed, knitted, cross-stitched, cut and glued enough to feel great! Why stop now?


2 responses to “Give Yourself a Hand…

  1. I’ll give you a big round of applause. I’ve enjoyed every post and I’m glad you’re going to keep going. I’m not crafty but I love the idea of trying. I think it’s amazing that you accomplished your goal. Bravo!

  2. Beth Goehring says:

    (imagine me bowing) I’m very gratified! Thanks, Maria!

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