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Mother Nature’s Notebook

on May 29, 2016


My niece from Asheville, NC once said to me about NYC, “But you don’t have any trees.” How did we get that rep? We’ve got as much natural beauty here as…well, any other major city in America and for the next month I’m going to capture it in all its  variety and unexpected delightimage


The photos above are from my local farmer’s market. On a day that got to 80 degrees or hotter, I thought a ratatouille would be perfect. (And then I started stir-frying and boiling water to peel tomatoes and realized, “What was I thinking?!”)

There on the concrete playground, surrounded by high-rise condos and six-story walk-ups, hospitals and research facilities, traffic and delis and dog-walkers and a library- all the physical manifestations of a city–were fresh-picked fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We’ve got it all here, Elizabeth!


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