Kick start your day with a good breakfast

DIY Dog Treats

A friend whose father was a professional baker told me he makes his mini-dachshund Zelda her own dog biscuits. In that wonderful way the Universe has of listening in and offering just what you need at the right time, I was reviewing an upcoming cookbook by Julia Turshen called Small Victories, turned a page, and voila! Hope & Winky’s Dog Cookies! What’s good enough for Zellie is good enough for Grace, so I made a special trip to the supermarket for Peter Pan creamy peanut butter. Mixed with olive oil, chicken broth, rolled oats, cornmeal, and a dash of salt and baked until toasty with a crackly top,  I’m tempted to steal a couple of these for myself.


Perfect snack: cookies and milk!

Grace would like to thank Zelda and her dad Ricky for waking me up–FINALLY!–to homebaked snacks.

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Tiger, tiger burning bright

First tiger lilies I’ve seen this year!



Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!


Mary Elizabeth Whittingham 

June 9, 1956…Chicago, Illinois. A blank slate is born.

welcome to the world

A favorite writer of the little lady above.

Having had a wonderful day–cooling winds, blue skies, bright sunshine, a delicious, leisurely, lively lunch at Cafe Luxembourg–I just want to say thank you to the Universe for a chance to fill that slate with experiences so diverse and rich and exciting, and to live a life that has been so full of love.

dad, mom, beth chicago 1956

A young family starts out: elegance is a frame of mind. 

Protected and stimulated, I was able to meet the world with confidence and curiosity. There really was nowhere I wasn’t encouraged to venture.


I fell in love with good writing, European history, and American popular music.


“L’il Abner,” one of American musical theater’s so-bad-it’s-good Golden Age classics

I’ve made a profession in publishing; traveled to Ireland and England, Italy and Germany, Scotland and France, Iceland and Canada; and performed on stage in classic Broadway musicals and cabaret. I’ve loved being “Auntie Beth” as I’ve watched my brothers Charles and Philip and my sister Leigh rear their own families.


Mill Valley, CA 

I married a man who is decent, responsible, and intelligent–not to mention, handsome; our 28 years of marriage is my greatest achievement.

hiking new hampshire

The White Mountains of New Hampshire–I’d never have made the summit without him!

All that accounts for the first forty years…. The last decade has been dedicated to a creature so loyal, so entertaining, and so beautiful that I can hardly describe how much fun and joy she has brought into our lives.

french beret

Grace Georges Goehring, champion Pembroke Welsh corgi

This weekend, I’m going to a lecture by a high-school classmate on “Self-limiting Beliefs,” a subject I know something about first-hand despite all this love and encouragement, so I look forward to working on cultivating more confidence and courage as I step into my sixth decade.









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