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A Wall of Women

on January 21, 2017


Here I am, at the ripe old age of “Mind your own business!”, and I participated in my first protest, Women’s March on NYC. The atmosphere was electric! Until now, I’ve always been a spectator, stopping for a few minutes on the sidelines to see what’s going on. Today, I marched up the middle of Fifth Avenue, chanting “This is what democracy looks like!” and singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” while the carillon of St. Thomas Episcopal Church rang out the tune.


I was with old friends, one of whom’s father at 88 years old walked with us the whole mile and a half, and then some to find a bite to eat afterwards. On our way to the pizzeria, he asked to stop and sit down for a moment, but when he saw a young woman take her sneaker off because her foot hurt so much, he walked his chair over to her and insisted she sit down. Imagine Donald Trump doing that….

There were boys and girls, men and women–everyone intent on getting the message across that a large swath of America cares very deeply about decency, our fellow citizens, refugees, civil rights, and women’s rights. But they did it respectfully with peace, love, and laughter.


The cops were just as steadfast and stoic as you’d imagine. They re-routed the crowds with calm and good humor, watched without judgment, and protected everyone.

My favorite sign of the day was one word, black type, all caps, on a white background: GEEZ.


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