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Grateful for Hump Day

Yes, I’m thrilled it’s already Wednesday. Only threevwork days this week. It’s still very quiet uptown.

Also grateful for the time to think. I have a terrific solution for a donation to MAPC’s Open Table which asks a bit of me, but is a good creative hack.

But I so appreciate that I don’t have to or want to use my walk across Central Park to yak on the phone. Silence is a superb idea incubator.

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Happy New Year!

The words on everyone’s lips at the moment are “self-care.” I’m all for that!

The Goehring version includes a CD of classic carols, our tree lit, and a tea tray with a cheese savory, a piece of stollen, and a Niederegger marzipan Santa.

Please take good care of yourselves and your loved ones today and throughout 2019. Namaste.

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