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When did cooking become a chore?

What happened to the DIY movement? The artisan preservers, the butchers, the seed-to-skillet crowd? I loved that back-to-the-kitchen, fill-your-own-larder, resurrecting-lost-skills trend. Well, I guess that was its fate… a trend has a finite life.

Nowadays, it’s meal-delivery kits and grab-and-go and ordering in. Makes me very sad. Cooking and baking are two of life’s most nourishing activities, in every sense of the word. (I know I’m preaching to the choir here.)

This weekend, we were invited to dinner with friends: a happy, relaxed, homemade sit-down meal outdoors around a beautiful platter of roast chicken and potatoes. We handed around not one (broccoli), not two (asperagus), but three vegetables (mashed sweet potatoes), and homemade bread (ok, the butter was store-bought). They were all made by hand by a lovely Australian mother of three, living in the States for her husband’s job. Their two daughters and son made lively conversation; we learned a bit about life in Australia; we were able to see America from a new perspective. The perfect evening!

On a blog called Life Currents, I found a recipe for dessert, an old-fashioned apple-walnut cake. 


In my enthusiasm, I forgot to measure the apples, so I suspect I had an apple-to-cake ratio that wasn’t ideal. But I enjoyed every minute of making it, from paring the apples (and sharing nuggets with three hungry dogs) to beating the batter to watching it rise in the oven to enjoying the compliments from the kids and adults (and to this nice slice for breakfast!). It didn’t have to be perfect; it was a gesture of friendship. It wasn’t a chore; it was a gift both to myself and to my hosts.

Life should never be too hectic to push you out of the kitchen and away from handmade meals. Take the time today, tonight, tomorrow, next month, next year…. You’ll be so glad you did.


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