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Small-batch Cookies

on August 30, 2019

It’s “tea and tiles” tomorrow afternoon with friends… that’s Scrabble with a beverage (as the sun starts to set, we turn from tea to something stronger). Of course, everyone’s weight-conscious because… well, if we’re eager to play Scrabble, you can guess our age.

This small-batch recipe for chocolate chip cookies is perfect. Manageable amounts of the individual ingredients, so you’re not running to the store for that whole pound of butter, a new box of sugar, another bag of chips. This is the sum total of a relaxed, fragrant half-hour of baking.


I love to listen to music while I bake. I thought, “I need a solid, classic American sound.” Sara Evans is a contemporary Nashville singer; somehow I came across a CD of instrumental bluegrass interpretations of her songs. It’s terrific: energetic and cheerful one minute, slow and mournful the next.  It worked in perfect harmony with another American classic… my mom’s Sunbeam Mixmaster. 0829191932a

How I wish you could be there tomorrow, Mom, to tease me about taking too long and give me that look to stop my sulking when I lose by five points.

scrabble letters







One response to “Small-batch Cookies

  1. I love this! I can smell the cookies baking in the oven, hear the music playing as the beaters whir, and feel the love you have for your mom. I hope you enjoy your tea and tiles as much as I enjoyed this post!

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