Kick start your day with a good breakfast


With apologies to Sammy Cahn, what ran through my head this morning?

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful,

But my kitchen’s so delightful,

And since I’ve got someplace to go…

Let it broil, let it broil, let it broil!”


(For a swinging version of “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!” by the inimitable Ella Fitzgerald, click here!)

That’s Le Gruyère, an imported Swiss cheese, one of the world’s natural wonders,as well the French know, having designated it appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC). The aroma! Substantial in texture and taste with a real nuttiness, it puts the holey plastic slices we usually buy to shame.

OK, enough with my nuttiness…I’m going to brave Central Park today in freezing temperatures. It will positively be the most alive I’ll feel all day.


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Play With Your Breakfast

johnny in highchair

Need an attitude adjustment this morning?

Let’s mix PB&J into Irish oatmeal, get out the Christmas coffee cup, and the construction paper, scissors, and glue.


In five minutes, you can microwave your breakfast (the oatmeal is left over from yesterday) and snip and glue four letters and an exclamation point to change the mood from cloudy to sunny, whatever the forecast.

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Breakfast Fashions: The Egg Cozy

Eggs, while nutritious, delicious, and friendly to the wallet, are pretty dull to look at, even those Martha Stewart-y ones laid by araucana chickens.

Araucana eggs

Araucana eggs

So, I thought I’d dress up this soft-boiled egg a little. If you’re having guests, perhaps they’d appreciate knowing which anonymous egg is their own.

DSC01869If you’ve recently taken a walk in the forest on a dewy spring morning or just watched the Disney classic, “Fantasia…”

fantasia dancing mushroomsyou can re-create the moment like this.

DSC01870And, in the bleak midwinter, if you’re longing for a hint of warmer weather, top your egg with this and feel the skies brighten.





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