Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Summer Brunch


tomato pie

Determined to savor the last precious weeks of summer, I planned a picnic in Central Park with my college roommate and her niece. Mother Nature decided to rain on that parade. We settled for a buffet indoors and caught up and recapped recent events over Jean Anderson and Elaine Hanna’s tomato-cheese-corn pie from The Doubleday Cookbook, a classic from the 1970s.  If you’re not familiar with this worthy rival to The Joy of Cooking, give it a try (used copies available for less than $10).

dday cookbook

My copy lost its jacket, it’s held together by tape and spattered with beef broth, grease marks, and stray crumbs. I wouldn’t part with it for the world. If you want to eat it, it’s in here and the authors have made it foolproof. I could’ve chosen the Chilled Scallops in Green Dressing, a Greek Shepherd’s Omelet, or Braised Artichokes Provençal, but ’tis the season, so corn and tomatoes it was.

It’s not a traditional Southern tomato pie; it’s only got a top crust and no mayonnaise. Creamed corn and cheddar cheese bind it together. It’s quick to assemble and very tasty.

tomato pie after.jpg

Rolling pastry in Manhattan humidity takes a slow hand–and we are not known for our patience! 

Brunch over, we took off for the New York Historical Society and the exhibition, “Walk This Way: Footwear From the Stuart Weitzman Collection.”

6 peep-toe ankle-strap shoes - 1930s - no 228

When a woman dropped onto the blue velvet ottoman and said, “May I see that in an 8 1/2, please?” I had such a vivid flashback of the shoe salon at Lord & Taylor where I got my first pair of faux Chanel slingbacks. Oh, for the days when shopping was a graceful, sensual experience. As much as I used to love trying on hats in Bonwit Teller, wandering among the sportswear at B. Altman, and picking up a little something at Henri Bendel, I can’t bear the experience anymore.  So I just gaze into the cases in museums and vicariously imagine myself dancing with Fred Astaire, stepping out of a Checker cab outside a Broadway theatre, and hitting the town in style.


Through October 8 at The New York Historical Society 170 Central Park West at (77th Street)



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What will you be eating this weekend?

Just poking around on the Internet looking for health food trends and I found a column at the Washington Post by Ellie Krieger, a nutritionist and the host on Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite.”

ellie k

Can’t resist her Apple Cranberry Brown Betty. Is is Saturday yet?!


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Bring Back Home Ec!

Having learned the joy of cooking rather late in life, I’m like an ex-smoker. I can’t stop talking about the benefits and haranguing people to be more like me. Please visit my other blog Bring Back Home Ec for photos and instructions on making a bacon-and-egg croissant-wich in your own kitchen.


Why go out for this? Nobody wants to see us in the morning before we’ve taken a shower. Only our families should have to put up with that.

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And blueberries make good pancakes

The last of Shirley’s blueberries went into pancakes this morning (I’m on a pancake jag, for some reason*). Celebrating the start of a fall day that promises to be absolutely priceless, weather-wise. How lucky can you get?



* Just found out via Foodimentary, 9/23 was National Pancake Day. The universe was shouting and I must’ve heard!


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Whither Paradise?


Here’s a thought for a Sunday morning: if Eve had only eaten a pear instead of an apple, would we all still be living in Paradise?

This pear was not as juicy as I’d hoped, but as easy breakfasts go, it”s just about perfect. With oranges and grapes, you’ve got to deal with the seeds; when you peel kiwi and papaya, you lose some of the fruit; bananas go rotten so quickly. Both apples and pears are inexpensive, portable, don’t require peeling, and you can eat right down to the core. So where was the pear tree for Eve to turn to, to show that snake in the grass she wasn’t born yesterday.

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Have a nice day!

When the title of this post is said without sincerity, I want to rip the person’s face off.

yellow smiley face

However, when it’s said with an authentic smile and an honest wish for the next 24 hours to go well, there’s no better greeting.


Not only am I honestly wishing you all a terrific day, I’m shouting out thanks to my sister-in-law Jan for the gift of these new summer accessories: melamine plate, fireworks napkin, raffia napkin ring, and white star bowl. Could they be any cuter?


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Queen for a Meal

queen for a day

Sunday morning’s tailor-made for a little pampering: a puff pastry tart of egg on sour cream flavored with herbes de Provence and s/p with a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese on top.


The 1950s TV show “Queen for a Day,” which must’ve been in re-runs in the early ’60s since I remember my mother weeping over these women’s pathetic stories of hunger and hardship, is a far, far cry from “Desperate Housewives” and the RHO… franchise. Now that I think of it, it was more like “The Hunger Games,” since four or five competed with one another for the prizes. What happened if you lost? Back to the cold-water flat and the child in the iron lung, waiting for the electricity to be turned off.

OK, let’s take this in another direction. I’ll leave you with this thought from nutritionist and author of Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit, Adelle Davis :

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”








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No Bread? No Problem!

A literal example of “man does not live by bread alone:” with not a slice, not even a heel, in the house, I’ve had to make do with puff pastry–poor me!

apple tart easter 2014

Yesterday, it was a hot dog rolled in pastry, spread with Dijon mustard and sprinkled with celery salt. This morning, it’s Red Delicious apple on apricot jam with a little dried rosemary.  I think I’ll survive.

Happy Easter to all!

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Welcome to my world

If only Vermeer were around to paint this scene of domestic tranquility!


This Sunday morning, I thank God for my happy little family.



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An Early Taste of Summer

Did you know you could time-travel by opening your freezer? Frozen fruit whisks you forward into midsummer in a second. What a way to start another threatening snow day!


If you drop a few slices of peaches onto your hot skillet as you’re flipping your last pancake to get them all warm and soft, you’ll have a yummy alternative to maple syrup which, however delicious, drags you right back to winter. Let me delude myself that it’s 80 degrees outside for a few more minutes.




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